You may be wondering what “Kekeré” means. This tricky yet simple word has a very profound meaning for me. It means “small blessing”, which I found was the perfect name for my first project. Not only do I find that this blog is my little blessing but also I find we ourselves are little blessings in the lives of others, and in our own even. If there is one thing we always take for granted, it is definitely ourselves and our possibilities. As this blog grows you will understand just how powerful it is to be who we truly are, and how often we limit and underestimate ourselves. Just remember, don’t take anything too seriously, other than yourself…



If there is something in our lives that will be constant it is change. The world, nature, society, trends, everything around us is constantly changing. And so are we.

We are constantly learning, growing, making desicions that lead us to new ways of living. If change is so constant and normal then, why do we have such an issue with it? In many ways we want our lives to change for the better. We want to achieve economic stability, have a car, a house, a dog, graduate, a promotion, to be our own bosses; but are we willing to make some sacrifices in order to attain all we want?

Here is where our problem is, we want our lives to change without making changes. We expect to wake up one day and BAM!, there it is all we ever wanted. I’m sorry to burst bubbles, but nothing in our lives will change if we don’t start changing ourselves. None of us can expect our lives to evolve if we continue acting like we have during past years.

Growing up is hard, but even harder is facing the reality that we need to grow up. To start prioritizing, making better desicions, being a little more selfish with our time, money and energy. BORING, I know but it is the way it is. Would you rather keep doing what your doing and then realize you should have made some adjustments in your life after 20 years? Nobody wants to wake up and say “I should have”. We want to wake up and say “I’m glad I did”.

Until we start making changes for the better we will continue to be caterpillars waiting for our cocoons to break. In reality we have to break it ourselves. So, go breakout!

It’s Ok To Be Human

You fail, you anticipate, you stress, you get tired, frustrated, mad, sad, millions of emotions. Did you know that is OK? You are human! You have every right to feel what you feel. Give yourself a break. Validate your feelings, yourself.

If one day you wake up and feel like doing nothing because you do so much for your current job, your friends and your family and you feel drained, tired then ITS OK! Validate what your body, mind and spirit are telling you. Do something for yourself!

Don’t feel worthless just because you keep failing at something, breathe and try again. Or don’t try again and relax instead. We constantly saturate ourselves and when we don’t produce we are hard on ourselves. But, what are we going to produce if we never take time to feel?

Recognizing your achievements is equally important. You managed to eat at home for a whole week? Feels great huh? VALIDATE THAT FEELING!

Working towards reaching our goals is exhausting as it is, why do we make it even harder on ourselves? We didn’t come to this world to be perfect little robots who do do do do and feel nothing. We came to be human. To bloom, to grow, to create! And let me remind you: nothing in nature blooms all year long. Naturally, every single thing on this planet needs its time. And so do you.

Wether it’s an achievement or a minor set back, just remember to tell yourself it’s normal, it’s ok. You will continue to move forward.

The REAL Competition

We are all looking for our purpose.

We are all here for a purpose.

We are constantly competing, but we have been taught to compete with the people around us instead of competing with ourselves. Our fears, doubts, toxic behaviors, limitating beliefs; are some of the things we really have to compete with. We are all here for different reasons, that is why I find this competition with the world so utterly unnecessary. Imagine how productive we all would be if we worked on ourselves instead of paying so much attetion to others.

A vast mayority of people lives are lived fixated on the people around them. Watching their every move, on guard to see what they do next. But, what are you going to do next?

Move that spotlight towards you, give yourself all that attention. Let the rest complete their goals while you complete yours. Look to eachother for support. Critiscism isn’t always a bad thing, but critizicing everyone without paying attention to your flaws is the mistake.

We are not in this world to tell anyone how to live. In fact we are all here for different reasons, so there is no need to compete with anyone. There can be billions of painters in this world, but none of them are ever going to paint the same. Each has their own style, views, and way of working. The more we focus on what others around us are doing, the more time we lose. Then all we are left with is envy, which leads us to critize people for doing what we aren’t doing.

How much time are you investing on others? Double that time and you will see the amount of time you are losing on yourself…

Are you successful to you?


A word that seems to be in everyones mouths as we grow up. We begin to hear it as children, based on some adult’s promotion, some older cousin who graduated college and scored an internship. Later on, we begin to hear it expected from us, “you would be so successful in this carreer”, “when you graduate you will be so successful”. It’s not that these things aren’t successful accomplishments, it’s who decided they were that person’s success. Is our success measured by others?

I remember thinking “what the hell do they know that is going to make me so successful? I don’t even know!”. I also remember failing so much in college I thought I was never going to see the end of it. I thought to myself, how do i get to this so called success without being miserable?

At that point exactly I understood, first I had to review my definition of success.

We are raised with the notion that success comes with a car, a high paying profession, a diploma, some medals, and let’s not forget all the titles. Who are you if you don’t have any title? Well let me tell you, YOU ARE YOU. And you are already successfull. Nobody needs a diploma, a car or a suit to tell them that.

Right here, right now it’s time to unlearn and re-learn what success means.

Success means living the life you were here to live. Not the one everyone around you told you to live. It does not mean being wealthy, having 30 titles and recognition. Success is a lot deeper than that. It is something you feel within you, a feeling of satisfaction. It is being content with who you have become and where you will go next. It is making a significant change in the world, even if it’s just in one person’s life. It is enjoying the world with all its details. It is getting to know you and your goals, then working hard until you make them happen.

You are the beholder of your success, you need not to look for it elsewhere. Why do we think success is out there to grab? Its in there, I promise. Right next to your talents, your dreams and your love for you.

I invite you to redefine success, give it your own definition and work towards that. Just as the world gets an upgrade every now and then, our perspectives should too.


Have you ever thought your life is out of control in some sense? You are constantly broke, house a mess, not enough rest, not enough hours in the day to do everything you need to do. Hectic right? The truth is, much of these aspects of our life fall out of control the moment we let everything control our lives except ourselves.

We repeatedly allow our laziness, bad habits and comfort zones control our lives. Most of the time we prefer doing whatever activity we enjoy rather than facing the reality that we are growing up and there are some things we need to reprioritze. Sometimes its our diet, spending money on unnecessary things, staying up late when we know we have to wake up early. We also give into our impulses so much, so many things we could chose not to do in order to the ones we have to do and yet we chose wrong.

The key to gaining the control of our lives once again is fairly simple, consciousness. We tend to make so many unconscious decisions and later on we are thinking “why am in this situation?”, “why didn’t I just say no”. Making conscious decisions is crucial to our personal development journey.

I have always said “be the river not the rock”, but there are times when we need to put our foots down and do what is good for us. Ask yourselves:

• “How is this helping me get closer to my goals?”

• “Could I regret doing this in the future?”

• “Is this the best way to invest my time?”

• “How much time and energy will this consume of me?”

A minute or two you consume reflecting on your desicions will save you hours, days, months and even years of wasted time.

Our Year

I don’t quite understand why everyone seems to feel like January lasted a year. Yet, something is true and that is the rapidness in which a year passes. Today the second month of the year has arrived.

How much of the first 30 days of the year did you seize?

Truth be told, every year we say our resolutions, we start our diets, we start exersicing, organizing our goals but suddenly in the middle of the month we step back, feeling we have done a lot, and get comfortable. “I have all year.” And that goes on every year until you realize you have wasted years and now you have to drag the same resolutions into the new year.

Well no more of that! During the last weeks of 2018 I declared to myself that this year was going to be about taking action, about making come true. I would like you to join me in this declaration.

Let’s not wait another day, month or year more. We have no reason to, but we do have every reason to create and work to make our dreams a reality. I don’t know about you but i’m tired of looking back at my years and feeling like there was so much more I could have done.

At the end of this year I want to celebrate the accomplishmet of everything I had put aside in the past, and I would like you to celebrate yours as well! This is your year, my year, our year.

Is the life you are living perfect for you?

What is your definition of perfection? Are you perfect? Why or why not?

The only detail that makes you less perfect is you thinking that you are not perfect. Confusing huh?

I have taken the liberty of looking up this word which bounces around everyones mouths each day, and I have found that we have such a misleading definition of it. As it turns out being perfect is achieving the maximum expression of you. It’s time to unlearn some of our views, so get ready.


“The highest degree of proficiency, skill, or excellence.”

“A perfect embodiment of something.”

“A quality, trait or feature of the highest degree.”

“The highest or most nearly perfect degree of a quality or trait.”

If we read all of these definitions carefully, putting aside our pre established notions we can easily see there is no exact definition. They all mention the highest expression of something. Who is to say what that something is?

What if we chose to view this something as ourselves? If we use all our talents and skills to a maximum expression we are being our perfect version of ourselves. If we embody and act as our truest selves we are being perfect. Using our unique qualities and talents sets us automatically down the road to perfection.

Did you notice that a sense of other people is nowhere to be found in these definitions? Not one of them mention perfection viewed through anothers eyes, because our perfections are within us. We are already perfect! The moment we start to perceive perfection how any other person perceives it, is the exact moment we fail at being perfect. Thus, we become our biggest critics.

Isn’t it crazy how we spend most of our lives trying to achieve someone else’s perfection? We think of perfection as something big and impossible to do but really it’s as easy as being true to yourself! To your desires, to your talents, to your happiness. From this moment on, I encourage you to work towards achieving your highest level of proficiency.